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Survey Level 1

We provide 2 levels of landscape enquiry. It may be the case that lengthy design work and site investigation is not required. For example the supply and construction of a patio area, or the construction of a decking area, or a simple planting scheme, for this type of landscape work we provide a free quotation service .

Should you require something more complicated, then we provide the following service, backed up by a qualified landscape Architect.

Survey Level 2


During our initial visit, we like to hear you ideas. Everyone has their own varying style and individual taste, during this process we will offer advise and ideas and you will be informed of the anticipated cost of any design work.


Should you ask us to design your garden it will be necessary spend some time carrying out a survey to measure the garden and investigate any problem areas. We will also perform a soil analysis to ensure we provide the correct planting advice.

Outline drawings are constructed to form the concept plan of the garden. These to scale plans show pathways, walls, ponds, patios, decking, seating areas and provide detailed information on the plants and planting areas..

On the plan we will have hopefully included your needs in conjunction with our own suggestions. At any stage during the design concept you have an opportunity to change or revise any aspect of the design.